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Changes in Industrial and Power Sector Carbon Capture: Higher Incentives/Lower Costs

Relatively few industrial carbon capture or power sector carbon capture projects have been done in the U.S. in recent years for pollution control purposes.  That is, carbon capture is widely used in industries such as natural gas processing and urea fertilizer manufacturing, where carbon capture is required for production purposes.  Historically, widespread carbon capture is too expensive to be employed for the purpose of emissions reduction, in the absence of a regulatory emissions control regime.  The seminar will cover the positive changes to feasibility that have been sparked by two changes:  

  • The tripling of tax incentives for carbon capture in the recent changes to Section 45Q of the U.S. tax code.
  • Research that shows that a capture cost in a number of industries is far lower than figures that have been widely disseminated and often misinterpreted.

Speaker: Jeffrey Brown, Stanford


Monday, 10/07/19


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Green Earth Sciences Building

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