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Evolving Economies of Cannabis

Design Considerations for Legalizing Cannabis with Dr. Beau Kilmer, RAND Corporation

Canada, Uruguay, and 12 jurisdictions in the United States have passed laws to remove the prohibition on cannabis and legalize supply for adults. Many of these jurisdictions allow large-scale production and retail sales, but this is not the only way to legalize cannabis. Those considering or implementing alternatives to cannabis supply prohibition will confront several decisions that will influence health, safety, and social equity outcomes. This presentation will briefly describe the cannabis policy landscape in the Americas and discuss some of the design considerations for legalizing cannabis.

Living Dangerously: Confronting Insecurity, Navigating Risk, and Negotiating Livelihoods in the Hidden Economy of Congo’s Cannabis Trade with Dr. Ann Laudati, UC Berkeley

Narratives surrounding the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s rich natural resource base have been largely attentive to the way that resources shape the enduring violence in the region. Current policies regarding Congo’s cannabis trade, which advocate for its continued prohibition, exemplify such framings. Drawing on over sixteen months of qualitative fieldwork with those engaged in the production and trade of the drug, this talk presents a direct challenge to the narrative of violence, delinquency, and greed that currently foregrounds most discussions of Congo’s cannabis economy. It reframes the cannabis trade as a response to Congo’s landscape of insecurity, rather than a symptom of it. It offers evidence of how it is rather the plant’s illegality and the extra-legal networks its illegality engenders that are shaping the terms of this dangerous trade. In so doing, this paper seeks to confront how we understand the very terms of risk and insecurity as played out in the day-to-day lives of those who navigate through the hidden economy of Congo’s cannabis trade.

Wednesday, 09/25/19


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