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Progress in global climate action - Overview of recent actions and opportunities

Niklas Hohne

Climate change requires urgent action. Regular tracking of the actions by the various actors is necessary to evaluate how far the world is progressing to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change to hold global average temperature increase well below 2°C and to make efforts to hold it below 1.5°C. The presentation will include most recent updates of energy and climate policies in major emitting countries and their effect on global greenhouse gas emissions and whether they will be sufficient to meet their climate action proposals (NDCs). It is based on the Climate Action Tracker and the UNEP Emissions Gap report. It will also include updates on actions and potential by regions, states, cities and businesses and opportunities to scale up climate action in selected countries and sectors using a simplified bottom up book-keeping model (PROSPECTS).

Speaker: Niklas Hohne, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab & NewClimage Institute

Wednesday, 09/11/19


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Barrows Hall, Rm 126

UC Berkeley
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