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After Dark: Cells to Self

c2sHow are you shaped by the genes you’re born with, and by your environment? How do your body's trillions of cells work together to create a human self? At our brand-new exhibit collection, Cells to Self, you can use microscopes, digital models, and firsthand interactions with cells to explore how cells move, divide, communicate, and respond to their surroundings from the environmental awareness of bacteria to human heart cells beating in response to electricity. Come get a closer look and see what you’re made of. *

Extreme Cell Biology With Wallace Marshall 7:30 

Members-Only Bio Lab Tours RSVP required. Free for Daytime and After Dark members, including free After Dark admission for Daytime members (ages 18+ only) in celebration of Cells to Self. Not a member? Join now.
Celebrate our new collection of exhibits, Cells to Self, with a behind-the-scenes look at our Living Systems Laboratory. Get a tour from our lab tech team members, and learn about what goes into creating and maintaining our interactive biology exhibits, including the exhibits in Cells to Self, on a guided tour of the Living Systems gallery. These exclusive members-only tours are your chance to see what’s going on behind our lab’s closed doors, including freshwater and marine aquarium systems, tropical plant rooms, insect colonies (like termites and fruit flies), microbe cultures, and the autoclave.

7:00 and 8:00 p.m.
Gallery 4: Meet at the Explainer station in the Living Systems area (near the flower dissections) with your member card for entry. 


Cells to Self is a multiyear initiative encompassing both exhibit development and museum visitor research projects. Cells to Self is made possible through the generous support of the Troy and Leslie Daniels Fund for Life Sciences and from Genentech, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.

Thursday, 10/03/19


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