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IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) chapter Open House - Everything you need to know about AI & Machine Learning, but were afraid to ask

Machine Intelligence in Design Automation

Motivation behind this talk is to throw some light on use of machine intelligence in design automation; a topic that is largely absent from the media and academia. Machine Intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace and claim to this fame is that it is bound to enable an unprecedent degree of automation in every walk of life. Design automation, a field that has been automating semiconductor design for decades, continues to struggle successful applications of Machine Learning

Speaker: Rohit Sharma, AI Tech Systems

AI and Machine Learning

Most of us don’t realize how pervasive AI is in our everyday lives. Facebook recently reported that 200 trillion AI predictions run on their platforms every day. In this talk, we will start by explaining what the various AI terms are, demonstrate what is possible with modern AI methods that was not possible before, and then talk about AI use cases that range from sports, to gaming, to industrial & enterprise.

Speaker: Sumit Gupta, IBM Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Architecture in Models for Natural and Artificial Intelligence

*Cognitive Architecture* is a key organizing framework for AI and Machine Learning as well as for understanding natural intelligence. Narrow applied AI and ML can afford to neglect the concept; AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) cannot. This talk will relay major motivations, concepts, and challenges for Cognitive Architectures as exemplified by SOAR and Copycat. At base is the perception/action loop. For conversational agents, the architectural elements of this loop display progress and limitations that explain why we are simultaneously delighted and disappointed by their capabilities.

Speaker: Eric Saund, Research Scientist

Monday, 09/23/19


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