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Upcoming probes of fundamental physics: Utilising small-scale signatures in the Universe

In the next few years, the field of cosmology will see an influx of new and high quality data from surveys of cosmic microwave background (CMB) and large-scale structure (LSS). In particular, there is overwhelming evidence that measuring the late time effects on the CMB photons (secondaries) will provide new and valuable information for cosmological inference upon cross-correlating with LSS surveys. Simultaneously, surveys of the 21cm hydrogen line will achieve sufficient accuracy for cosmological inference for the fist time. In this talk, I will describe how these cosmological probes will provide opportunities to study fundamental problems. I will focus on the so-called ‘moving lens effect’, a CMB modulation due to changing gravitational potentials as a result of cosmological structure moving transverse to the line of sight (Hotinli et al 2019, PRL). I will also discuss prospects of utilising velocity acoustic oscillations (so-called VAOs) in the 21cm hydrogen line. I will describe how these observables can be used to constrain various classes of early Universe models beyond the standard LCDM.

Speaker: Selim Hotinli, Imperial

Tuesday, 11/19/19


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Campbell Hall, Rm 131

UC Berkeley
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