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Extraordinary Optics from Structured Nanoparticles

Danqing Wang

Miniaturized and rationally assembled nanostructures exhibit extraordinarily distinct physical and chemical properties beyond their individual units. This talk will focus on structured metal nanoparticle lattices that show unique diffractive coupling with lattice spacings engineered close to the wavelength of light.

Collectively coupled plasmonic nanoparticles induce sharp, intense lattice modes compared to the broad resonances of individual nanoparticles, and the electromagnetic fields are strongly enhanced and localized near the sub-wavelength vicinity of nanoparticles. By harnessing different materials systems and lattice designs, various light-matter interactions can be engineered including nanoscale lasing and exciton-plasmon energy transfers.

We achieved reconfigurable, mechanical control of nanolasing by modulating lattice spacings of Au nanoparticles patterned on an elastomeric substrate. Plasmonic superlattices - finite-arrays of nanoparticles grouped into microscale arrays - support multiple band-edge modes capable of multi-modal nanolasing at programmed emission wavelengths. Moreover, integrating Yb3+/Er3+-co-doped upconverting nanoparticles with plasmonic lattices enables continuous-wave upconverting lasing at room temperature with record-low thresholds and high photostability.

The structured plasmonic nanoparticles can serve a versatile, scalable platform for large-scale quantum optics, nontrivial topological photonics and modified chemical reactivities.

Speaker: Danqing Wang, UC Berkeley

Friday, 10/18/19


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Latimer Hall

UC Berkeley
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