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This is a living history presentation of one of our most famous chemists, Marie Curie, and allows us to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT) in grand style. The story starts with childhood memories that include Marie's dawning interest in science and her determination to conquer obstacles to obtaining an education in politically oppressed Poland - where women were not allowed to obtain schooling after gymnasium (high school). It then traces her migration to the Sorbonne, her unconventional romance with Pierre Curie, the birth of their first daughter, and the basis of Marie's scientific investigations that led to the discovery of two new elements (polonium and radium), an understanding of radioactivity, and the use of radium therapy against cancer.

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Saturday, 10/19/19


Elaine Yamaguchi

Phone: 5102340938
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$15 General, $8 student

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