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Automotive Ethernet and Functional Safety

Over the past several years there has been an upheaval in the automotive networking space as a number of mega-trends drive major changes:

  1. The trend towards a user defined car,
  2. Autonomous vehicle technology,
  3. Electrification

The presentation will cover these changes taking place in the in-vehicle-networking space, with an emphasis on automotive Ethernet and the efforts of the various standards organizations to address the emerging requirements.

Next we will explore the impact of these changes on Functional Safety. The autonomous car is a game changer in many ways, also in terms of safety. Today, safety goals are achieved by end-to-end concepts, with the driver as fall back. Once the computer is exclusively controlling, the availability of communication paths becomes crucial to allow fail operational systems. Vehicle safety is then requiring a combination of functional safety and reliability. In this context, the view on Ethernet ICs is changing. While current car networks usually do not impose safety requirements on connectivity ICs, IC vendor start to see the demand for products with a certain safety requirements and ASIL level. Beyond marketing figures and ticking off feature lists, there is more needed to compare the value of integrated safety features. This presentation will explain the context of functional safety in networking ICs, examples and outlook how the network will eventually support failure prevention.

Speaker: Claude Gauthier, NXP

Thursday, 10/17/19


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