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Mercury Transit Across The Sun

Now here's something you don't see every day. In fact, you won't see it again until 2032!

This Monday morning, Mercury will temporarily move between the Earth and the Sun. This event is like a tiny solar eclipse, where Mercury will block part of the Sun from our perspective, and we will see Mercury move across the disk of the Sun over the course of a few hours.

Unfortunately, the transit starts before the Sun will rise, but from our vantage point in San Jose, we'll be able to watch the last third of it.

Do not look at the Sun with your naked eyes (!) but we'll have telescopes with special filters to make this spectacle safe to observe.

Along the way, we can also share with you a little about how the Sun works and how complex magnetic fields drive sunspots and prominences that we may get to see as well. And we'll probably have some donuts, coffee and tea to make it easier to bear this early-morning event.

Monday, 11/11/19


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