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Join Nerd Nite East Bay for the Treason of Aaron Burr, How Plate Tectonics Can Create Ice Ages, and the History of Extremely Dangerous Toys!

Aaron Burr after Hamilton: Conspiracy and Treason in the pre-America West

Nerd Nite brings you a live performance of Hamilton 2! (But sorry, no singing). After Aaron Burr was indicted for the murder of Alexander Hamilton, he left the Vice Presidency and made his way to the wild Western frontier, where he joined with the Governor of the Louisiana Territory in a conspiracy to gain control over land and begin their own new country west of the United States. With thrilling cameos from Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and the highest ranking officer in the U.S. Army, follow this true Trial of the Century as Burr is tried for treason against the United States of America, and see how this moment in history established how our society still thinks about treason, executive power, and the role of the U.S. judiciary in the modern world.

Speaker: Pooja Nair, TroyGould

How Tropical Tectonic Collisions Create Catastrophic Ice Ages

Earth’s current hospitable climate is defined by a mix of large temperate land areas and some parts of earth covered by large ice sheets. But earth’s history has also had periods with no substantial ice found on land, contrasting with other periods known as the “Snowball Earth” when our entire planet was covered in ice! Learn how the geological carbon cycle regulates Earth’s climate, why a plate tectonic collision occurring in the balmy tropics can lead to planetary cooling and glaciation at the poles, and how lucky we have been to live on a self-regulating planet that has remained habitable by life in some form for over 3 billion years.

Speaker: Nick Swanson-Hysell, UC Berkeley

How Toys Became (Too) Safe: Burned Fingers, Atomic Water, Exploding Sweaters and the FDA

With the holidays ho ho holmost here, get a brief and occasionally frightening history of American toy safety law from 1902 to 1973, with an emphasis on the sudden shift from the 1960s, when it was perfectly acceptable for companies to sell toys that sometimes injured children, to the 1970s, when Americans began to think about children and danger in a much different way. Learn how the inventor of the Erector Set irradiated a generation of children, see how popular deadly exploding sweaters were in the 1950s, discover how moms briefly triumphed over toy guys, and learn how the erratic progression of regulation by the FDA shows the evolving concept of childhood in America - and how it all went too far.

Speaker: Danny Horn is a Product Director at the Wikimedia Foundation

Monday, 11/25/19


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