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Two KIPAC Tea Talks

FOBOS Instrument

Speaker: Kevin Bundy, UC Santa Cruz

Large Scale Dynamo in a Primordial Accretion Flow

Without an existing large scale coherent magnetic field in the early Universe, Population III stars would likely rotate at or near break-up speed. Using results from hydrodynamic simulations, we find evidence helical turbulence with a dynamo number >> 10. The presence of helical turbulence at these levels allows large scale dynamo modes to grow, and the saturation level is determined by the amount of net helicity remaining in the dynamo-active regions. In this talk, focusing on the accretion phase of PopIII stars, I will discuss the possibility of generating a coherent magnetic field through large scale dynamo processes, as well as the corresponding field saturation level.

Speaker: Wei-Ting Liao, Univ. of Illinois

Friday, 12/06/19


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