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Towards monolithic quantum computing processors in production FDSOI CMOS technology

This presentation will discuss the fundamental concepts and the feasibility of high-temperature (2-4 K) Si and SiGe electron/hole-spin qubits and qubit integrated circuits (ICs) in commercial 22nm FDSOI CMOS technology,. The beneficial aspects of the SiGe channel hole-spin qubit will be emphasized in comparison with its silicon-only electron-spin counterpart. It is also shown that, at 2 K, MOSFETs and cascodes can be operated as quantum dots in the subthreshold region, while behaving as classical MOSFETs and cascodes in the saturation region, suitable for qubits and mm-wave mixed-signal processing circuits, respectively. Challenges in the design and testing of quantum processor units monolithically integrated with readout and mm-wave spin control electronics in commercial 22nm FDSOI CMOS technology, will also be covered. Finally, I will present measurements for full technology characterization at cryogenic temperatures up to 67 GHz.

Speaker: Sorin Voinigescu, Univ. of Toronto

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Thursday, 12/12/19


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