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Fleeting Beauty: Meteor Showers, Auroras, Halos, Sundogs, Rainbows, and other Transient Sights

Many of the most beautiful, startling and captivating things we see in the sky are not out in space, but right over our heads in Earth's atmosphere. What's the difference between a meteor, a meteorite and a meteoroid? What causes the auroras and why don't we see them in the Bay Area? What are rainbows, halos and sundogs and how are they formed? How do you tell a UFO from an IFO? Tell us your personal alien abduction stories or at least those sky apparitions that have puzzled you and we'll try to suggest some explanations.

Call the Box Office at 510.336.7373 to register.

Thursday, 02/26/09


$25 regular/ $22 Members

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