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Fungus Among Us Nightlife


Step into the wonderful world of mushrooms at this annual NightLife favorite, where you’ll learn how to spot, ID, grow, and cook mushrooms alongside fellow fungi enthusiasts.

Gather ‘round for tales from photographer and mushroom ID specialist Alan Rockefeller as he shares new species of bioluminescent fungi and other recent finds from four months of mushroom-hunting in Mexico.

Fungi have complicated relationships, too: David Rust of the Bay Area Mycological Society talks about mycorrhizae, or, how plants and fungi compete and cooperate in their unique symbiotic relationship.

Follow biochemist/mycologist Gordon Walker (aka @fascinatedbyfungi) on Instagram, then come hear stories about the strange fungi he documents and how they’re a key part of next-gen food companies.

Start your 2020 mushroom journey with your friendly local fungi society: Talk to the Bay Area Mycological Society to find out how and where to find fungi, why it’s important to study them, why they’re so fascinating - and which local mushrooms to stay away from.

Cultivate your very own mushroom spores with Bay Area Applied Mycology and take them home with you.

Level up your art collection with original “myco-art” by Taylor Bright, whose sole medium is ink made from shaggy mane mushrooms.

Add a fungal twist to your next cocktail with earthy mushroom simple syrups mixed by Ken Litchfield, Cultivation Chair of the Mycological Society of San Francisco.


Thursday, 01/09/20


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