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Fly me to the Moon: Fantasy Flights to the Moon

Bob Garfinkle

Over the centuries, storytellers have written tales of flights to the Moon. Mr. Garfinkle will discuss these fantasy flights in a PowerPoint-enhanced presentation. The presentation will include illustrations from the old books the stories were, in most cases, first published in. The images show the various methods the space travelers employed to make their journeys to our nearest celestial neighbor. These include crafts that were powered by such things as animals, bottles of dew, giant magnets, ships, whirlwinds, clouds, volcanic eruptions, hot air balloons, cannons, and undisclosed powers.

Speaker: Bob Garfinkle, Royal Astronomical Society

Saturday, 01/11/20


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East Bay Astronomical Society

Chabot Space & Science Center, 10000 Skyline Blvd
2nd Floor, Spees Bldg, Galileo Room
Oakland, CA 94619

Website: Click to Visit