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Cities: Smart, Connected, Autonomous...Or Not?

Autonomous mobility could introduce transformative change to cities, but not all cities have the same goals regarding the future of transportation. While some want to dramatically diminish non-transit car networks, others are banking on the benefits of AV services and new forms of mobility. How should cities adapt, what do they need to prioritize, and how can they ensure they have the right underlying technologies and infrastructure in place to ensure safety, efficiency, and accessibility?

Panel: Julia M. C. Friedlander - Senior Policy Advisor: Autonomous Vehicles, SFMTA
Sydnee Journel - Local Policy and Community Manager, Waymo
Jill North -
Innovation and New Technology Program Manager, SJ DOT

Melissa Ruhl - Senior Transportation Planner, Arup, Moderator

Ages 21+, registration required at weblink


Thursday, 01/23/20


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560 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94105