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NASA Berkeley Aviation Data Science Seminar: Introduction to Air Traffic Management - Livestream

Gano Chatterji

The presentation introduces air traffic management with focus on air traffic data for data-science. Starting with the common attributes of transportation systems  -  highway transportation, air transportation and data transportation, the initial set of slides discuss the purpose of data-science in air traffic management, reasons why air traffic management is challenging, and the multidisciplinary nature of air traffic management research. The history of flight from 1903 - Wright Flyer - to 1987 - formation of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association - is briefly discussed. The national airspace system is described in terms of airports in the U. S., air traffic control facilities (flight service stations, terminal, enroute and system command center), airspace geometry (sectors, airways and navaids), governing regulations and directives, airspace classification (Class A through G), special use airspace, visual flight rules and instrument flight rules. The contents of a flight-plan are described. Weather briefing is discussed. The surveillance equipment used for surface, terminal area and enroute are described, and the aircraft states obtained using the surveillance data are listed. Airline operations control functions - schedule development, flight planning, resource scheduling and flight following - are noted. Next, the roles and responsibilities of air traffic controllers and traffic flow managers are discussed. Separation standards and conflict resolution techniques are outlined. Finally, traffic flow management techniques are reviewed with an illustrative example.

Speaker: Gano Chatterji, Crown Consulting

Wednesday, 04/22/20

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