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Social-Emotional Skills in the Digital Age

OECD published the latest PISA results in December. Besides the students’ academic performance, also well-being results were gathered, and they showed concerning development. Only two-thirds of students were satisfied with their lives, a share that shrank with almost five points from 2015 to 2018. Almost a quarter of students reported being bullied at least a few times a month and 6% reported always feeling sad.

Finland was the only country scoring high on both reading proficiency and well-being. The country implemented a new national curriculum in 2016. One focus area was school culture, which was to be developed with students’ well-being and safety as the driving force.

This presentation will introduce the online strengths-based program Mightifier which was developed to enhance students’ social-emotional skills and hence build their well-being. The program was co-created together with schools, teachers, and students in Finland in 2016 based on theories of character strengths, growth mindset and self-determination. During the presentation, recent impact results will be introduced.

Speakers: Inka-Kristiina Hanhivaara, Sofia University; Mervi Pänkäläinen, Mightifier

Thursday, 01/30/20


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