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Dynamic Talks: Voice Platforms, Conversational Commerce, and NLU

Flower Genie: how to build cool and useful Alexa-enabled e-commerce applications using Dialog Flow

In this talk, we describe how to build conversational e-commerce applications for the growing market of voice-powered AI devices using Dialog Flow. This talk demonstrates the capabilities of "Flower Genie," a teaching-oriented chatbot that can recommend a bouquet for any occasion, then take an order and deliver the flower arrangement via Alexa. We present the overall architecture of a voice application developed with Dialog Flow, including dialog management and NLU, and then discuss the finer points of testing and publishing a voice application for Alexa.

Speaker: Victoria Livshitz, Grid Dynamics

Conversational AI - The Future of Voice

In this talk, we will discuss building a Virtual Customer Assistant with Conversational AI.

Speaker: Ahmet Gyger, Salesforce

The AI Industry in 2020-2030

The last five years have been transformative in the AI industry, how will the next ten look like? We've seen an explosion in IoT devices and the data flowing through them - ubiquitous computing is here to stay. How would this change the ecosystem with respect to hardware, solution development, testing, copyrights, privacy, etc.? And finally, a prediction of what all of this means for businesses, current and new, in light of advancements in the NLP domain.

Speaker: Mohamed El Geish, Cisco

Thursday, 01/30/20


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