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February Prof & A Pint: Bioengineering for Social Good

Our world and the unexplored worlds around us are bathed in nano-scale systems (living cells) that convert their molecular surroundings into useful energy stores, building blocks, information storage, sensors, and secreted drones that detect, manipulate, control and harvest. As BioEngineers, we work to understand and influence these nano systems to achieve human needs. Synthetic Biology, Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Genomics, Protein Engineering - these are the topics, tools and skills of our newest BioEngineers. Which human needs are important and how ought we build the next clutch of Bioengineers? Hundreds of teams worldwide are part of the IGEM effort to do just that - building the next wave of BioEngineers trained to ethically build for the good of humanity.

Speaker: David Bernick, UC Santa Cruz

Monday, 02/10/20


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