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Securing Earth from Space Threats & Climate-Change Effects

As an author and speaker, Dr. Larry Lapin presents the case for upgrading the security of our Planet from space-threats. His simple 40-minute talk is sometimes frightening, but nevertheless inspiring.

Sadly, we have no true defense against big meteors. NASA gives very limited attention to extra-terrestrial hazards, with physical effort limited to sky-watching. There is no ready infrastructure for stopping another “dinosaur-killer” from space. This talk tells how to remedy the missing security. That would involve a new space program devoted to defending our Planet. Funding for that might come from premiums collected for a new category of insurance, covering damages from space objects. We might think of that as health insurance for patient Earth.

Dr. Lapin’s talk lays out the problem while noting that we have the capability to secure our Planet from another "dinosaur-killing" meteor. He notes that our primary handicap is the public’s lack of awareness. Unlike so many disastrous natural events that cannot be prevented - such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and volcanoes - extra-terrestrial threats can actually be mitigated. We already have key technology for that.

Dr. Lapin outlines steps for achieving a secure Earth. The key element is an independent Planet Security Guard, equal to and separate from NASA.

Dr. Lapin believes that saving our Planet from extra-terrestrial threats will inspire us and lead the way to successfully deal with a twin problem: the effects of Climate Change.

Friday, 02/21/20


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