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Facebook: The Inside Story

Facebook has changed the world and it’s changed us. In barely fifteen years, the simple campus website grew into the largest social media platform and one of the biggest companies in the world. With a valuation of more than $576 billion and almost 3 billion users, including those on its fully owned subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp, there’s no denying that the tech giant has unprecedented power and resources. But the unintended consequences of a platform designed to connect us all - and a business model that relies on selling user data to keep the service “free” - has placed the company squarely in the middle of controversies about fake news, election interference, and security breaches. 

Renowned tech journalist Steven Levy’s new book, based on hundreds of interviews inside and outside the company, digs deep into the decisions and choices that made Facebook what it is today… for better or worse. 

Wednesday, 03/04/20


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