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April LASER Event - Stanford - CANCELED

  • 7:00-7:25: Walter Scheidel(Stanford/ Classics) on "TBA"Abstract forthcoming...Read more
  • 7:25-7:50: Craig Hobbs(SJSU CADRE) on "TBA"Abstract forthcoming...Read more
  • 7:50-8:10: BREAK. Before or after the break, anyone in the audience currently working within the intersections of art and science will have 30 seconds to share their work. Please present your work as a teaser so that those who are interested can seek you out during social time following the event.
  • 8:10-8:35: Scott Bukatman(Stanford/ Film and Media Studies) on "The Comedic Nature of the Digital Superhero Body"Abstract forthcoming...Read more
  • 8:35-9:00: Tina Seelig(Stanford) on "TBA"Abstract forthcoming...Read more

LiKaShing Building, LK120

Thursday, 04/09/20


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LASER Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

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