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Department of Chemistry Colloquium

Imposing and Exploiting Diffusional Constraints to Control Access to Active Sites

Speaker: Samuel Leung, UC Berkeley

Secondary Metabolism in ABE-Fermenting Clostridia

Bacteria of the genus Clostridium are obligate anaerobic organisms historically valued for bioprocessing of sugars into acetone, butanol, and ethanol (ABE). Recent genomic analyses have revealed both the diversity of ABE producers and the abundant potential for secondary metabolism, which represents a nontraditional starting point for metabolic engineering strategies. This work explores the products and biology of secondary metabolism in two representative ABE fermenters. In Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum, an untargeted transcriptomic approach revealed that five of seven biosynthetic gene clusters are active during fermentation, including nrps3, which is conserved in other ABE fermenters. Additional characterization of this gene cluster resulted in the discovery of a novel natural product and its biosynthetic pathway, as well as its association with butanol tolerance. In Clostridium roseum, new genetic tools were developed to enable study of another biosynthetic gene cluster conserved in several other ABE fermenters. This gene cluster was linked to the production of a novel natural product. Purification efforts enabled successful structure elucidation and a proposed biosynthetic mechanism.

Speaker: Jeffrey Li, UC Berkeley

Wednesday, 03/18/20


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