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SETI Talks: Virtual Edition. Extremophiles: Extreme Life on Other Worlds? - Video Event - FULL

Extremophiles are organisms that live in extreme environments on Earth. Scientists have investigated their ability to survive to high temperatures, UV radiation, salty environments and places that are inhospitable for humans and most creatures on Earth. By studying conditions under which life can thrive, we hope to understand life elsewhere - where to look for it and what it could look like -- or simply to hypothesize if it would be possible for life to evolve and survive on other planetary bodies.

We invited two scientists to discuss the role of extremophiles in astrobiology and the search for life beyond Earth:

  • Jon Rask is a research scientist in the Space Biosciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center whose research focuses on human and robotic space exploration
  • Jared Broddrick is a biologist at the Exobiology Branch at Ames Research Center applying systems biology techniques to questions of interest to the astrobiology community


Both researchers have explored the type of extremophile life that lives in hot springs, which led to significant findings on how life can adapt to unusual environmental niches. They will tell us about their research and how it relates to the search for life elsewhere in the universe. 

SETI Talks Virtual Edition will be offered at no cost, but registration is required. We will send people who register log in credentials along with instructions for asking questions during the Q&A portion of the discussion.

Wednesday, 03/25/20


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