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COVID-19: Emerging Tests, Vaccines and Cures - Livestream

As the coronavirus spreads rapidly through the population, the United States is racing to provide test kits, develop a vaccine and find treatments. Meanwhile, we’re running dangerously low on supplies, ranging from ventilators and test reagents to gowns and N95 masks. When will we have the test kits we need? Can we develop a vaccine and identify treatments in time to contain the pandemic? Will we have enough ventilators to save patients and sufficient equipment to protect our providers?

Three leading experts will share where we are today, where we are headed, and what it will take to get us there.

Link information provided upon registration.

Panel: Mark McClellan, Duke University; Ken Kelley, Biotech Executive; Greg Burel, Hamilton Grace; Mark Zitter, the Zetema Project

Friday, 04/03/20


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