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Ergomagnetospheres Ejection Disks and Electromagnetic Jets - Livestream

Recent, remarkable images, made by the EHT collaboration of M 87, exhibit a ring of emission, presumably orbiting a six billion solar mass black hole. It is proposed that what is observed is not an ion pressure-supported torus, but an extensive "ergomagnetosphere" that connects mechanically to a much larger "ejection disk'', through a "magnetic clutch". It is conjectured that this clutch sustains instabilities that transport energy and angular momentum outward as well as upward. The ejection disk is envisaged to be powered primarily by the spinning hole and not the infalling gas, which is expelled as a  hydromagnetic wind. This wind confines the electromagnetic jet which is also powered by the hole. Implications for general active galactic nuclei, other sources of relativistic jets and future observations will be briefly discussed.

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Speaker: Roger Blandford, KIPAC

Thursday, 04/02/20


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KIPAC Astrophysics Colloquium

, CA