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Starry Messengers: Analyzing Stardust to Decipher the Cosmic Element Factory - Livestream

Stardust grains formed in the death throes of stars can be found today in meteorites. Some of these grains formed up to around three billion years prior to the solar system and are the oldest solids on Earth. Furthermore, these bona fide stellar remnants represent the sole samples that allow direct measurements of the processes underlying the formation of elements in stars.

In his talk Reto will discuss how, together with astronomical observations, measurements of the composition of ancient stardust can help us to understand stellar nucleosynthesis and galactic chemical evolution. By studying these processes we can begin to understand how the elements we are made of are formed in the first place.

Speaker: Reto Trappitsch, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

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Friday, 04/17/20


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