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Efficiently Protecting Software Innovations on a Global Scale - Rescheduled

To be competitive, software companies often employ designers and developers in different locations and countries to implement and update different versions of software. With this increasing workforce in other countries, software company competition can also stem from other countries, and can provide different flavors of a software product to different markets. To adapt to this developing global stage of software development, competition, and implementation, software companies should use diverse and efficient strategies to protect their innovations both where and when the protection is appropriate and makes business sense.

This presentation coves strategies for efficiently protecting software innovations, both individual and families or related innovations, in the US and foreign countries. Efficient methods for protecting an innovation in different countries, from different perspectives, and utilizing trade secret and patent protection will be discussed. Real life examples will be discussed to demonstrate how to implement decisions to maximize innovation protection in a manner that aligns with the goals and budget of a company.

Speaker: Steve Bachmann, Bachmann Law Group

This event has been rescheduled for January 20, 2021.

Monday, 04/20/20


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