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Webinar: Earth's Climate -- What we learn from the past

Geologic and biologic evidence preserved in sediments, rocks, tree rings, corals, ice sheets and more let us piece together the story of past climate and climate variation on our planet. We use that information and evidence to better understand the natural processes that impact climate and the resulting consequences, such as ice loss and rising sea levels. In this talk, Katryn Wiese will review what we know about Earth's climate in the past, how we know, and how we can use this information to better understand the impacts of today's changing climate.

Speaker: Katryn Wiese, SF City College

To participate in this webinar via Zoom, RSVP by sending an e-mail to bayarea@sfhumanists.org.  A couple of hours before the event, we will send you the link, password and telephone number that will enable you to join on your computer, smart phone or  telephone. 

Saturday, 05/02/20


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