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TEDxMarin ONLINE presents: A special show on CLIMATE CHANGE - Livestream

Despite Covid-19, Climate change may be the ultimate test of our time, and the time to take action is quickly running out. Can we still change the course and alter worst-case scenarios? Will it require an unprecedented effort from all sectors of society? The answer for both appears to be YES.

Our first 2020 TEDxSalon will bring together some of the Bay Area's foremost thinkers in government, climate change, and the future. To not only engage in a raw and truthful analysis of the current state of the planet, but more importantly, what our best solutions might be, and how political motivation, public engagement, and private investment can work together to turn this profound and most threatening tide.


  • PAUL SAFFO Forecaster / Futurist will HOST the evening and will discuss the competing debate on climate science and what solutions and technologies may be coming in the near future.
  • REP JARED HUFFMAN- Congressman for California’s 2nd Congressional District will discuss what Governments role can and should be, and what efforts are being planned at the governmental level now
  • KRISTINA DAHL Ph.D. Senior Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists. Kristina will discuss the difficult choices we will wrestle with, including what are we willing to endure in the name of adapting to climate change if the ways of life we’re accustomed to, are increasingly limited by the conditions outdoors.

  • DR. KATHARYN BOYER Ecologist, Coastal Climate Resiliency Expert: To discuss the local impacts of sea-level rise to the Bay Area, and adaptation efforts underway to buffer wave energy and reduce shoreline erosion while restoring wildlife habitat.

  • JONATHAN KOOMEY Ph.D. Researcher, Author, and Entrepreneur will discuss: Measuring Success and the Economic Implications of Climate solutions.

  • Plus a moderated Q&A segment.

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Thursday, 06/25/20


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