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Astrochemistry and Compositions of Planetary Systems - Livestream

The past decades have revealed that planets are incredibly common, and incredibly diverse.  The origins of planets and their compositions are intimately linked to the chemical environments within which planets assemble, i.e. to the chemistry of planet-forming disks. The arrival of ALMA has provided observational access to disk chemistry, revealing snowlines, complex organic molecules, and curious chemical gradients across the planet and comet forming zones. In parallel, astrochemistry models and laboratory experiments are providing new clues on what chemistry is likely to occur in different disk environments. I will present some of our latest observational and laboratory discoveries on the chemistry of protoplanetary disks, and discuss how this chemistry might shape the outcome of planet formation, the chemical habitability of mature planetary systems, and the composition of our own Jupiter.

Speaker: Karin Oberg, Harvard Univ.

Thursday, 04/30/20


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KIPAC Astrophysics Colloquium

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