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A Healthy Society Series: Healthier Rural America - Toward a Better Future - Livestream

Moving America forward will take more than a vaccine. As we are finding today, many parts of our nation have been left behind and are not able to share in the great American dream. Rural America is at the focus of attention now because it is our food production center, our water supply center, and our energy enter - and now becoming a COVID-19 center.

How can we move from the present to a new well-being in rural America? What do rural communities really look like today? What are the myths? What are the opportunities? Rural communities share much in common with urban and suburban communities, but there are differences too. What does a transformational model look like that has the power to revitalize rural communities by creating opportunities in alignment with 21st century needs. How can the decline of rural America be turned around to create a better future for all Americans.

Speakers: Dennis Berens, National Rural Health Association (retired); Stephen Shortell, UC Berkeley; Phillip Polakoff, Stanford, Moderator

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Thursday, 06/04/20


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