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'Surviving in the Lagoon' - Q&A by marine scientists - Livestream

In the heart of the a vast ocean, the atolls of the Pacific are like oasis in a sprawling desert. Each one contains a unique and breathtaking environment. Where the reef breaks, the ecosystem of the lagoon flourishes.

Filmed in UHD and extreme slow motion, this film captures exclusive wildlife behavior of sharks, whales, manta rays, groupers, and more.

This is the story of a little surgeon fish who will have to go through the greatest ordeals from the moment he is born. He will survive the greatest dangers and cross paths with the ocean’s worst predators. Only one out of a million will make it to adulthood.

Register for the event, and you will be sent the link for the film and one for the Q&A session that begins at 7:45pm.

Monday, 06/08/20


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Estuary & Ocean Science Center

, CA