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Science Sunday: The Ecology of Leopard Seals: Working in Antarctica - Livestream


The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly changing habitats in the world. Like so many marine mammals, leopard seals must adapt to survive⁠ - but are they equipped to do so? To better understand the ecology of leopard seals and their ability to cope with this environment, researchers used satellite-linked instruments to follow the diving behavior and movement patterns of 21 leopard seals. Data revealed that unlike other Antarctic seals, leopard seals spend most of their time feeding in shallow waters, moving between fur seal and penguin colonies. What does this tell us about leopard seals, both today and for the future?

Please join Dan Costa to learn more about the ecology, diving behavior, and movement patterns of Antarctic leopard seals.

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Sunday, 06/21/20


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Seymour Science Center

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