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Launching to Mars in 2020, a Primer on the NASA Perseverance Rover’s Mission to Return Samples and Search for Life on Mars - Livestream

NASA is launching the Perseverance Rover to Mars in July 2020. This Rover will be the first in a three-step, $10 billion process to return samples from one of the most interesting places on Mars and provide our best chance of finding evidence of past life on the red planet. SETI Institute scientist, J.R. Skok, has been working on the Perseverance Rover Landing Site selection process since 2012 and will share the story about how NASA committed to a Sample Return Mission to Mars and how the scientific community decided where on the planet we should search for life. This talk will give you the deep background for the mission and help set the stage for understanding NASA’s efforts on Mars for the next few decades.

Speaker: John Skok, SETI

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Saturday, 07/11/20


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