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Mental Health at Work Now: Voices from Leading Companies - Livestream

The importance of workplace mental health in the United States has steadily gained traction in the last few years. And for good reason. Up to 80 percent of Americans will struggle with a mental health issue during their lifetime. The coronavirus pandemic and the protests following the murder of George Floyd have made addressing mental health at work even more imperative.

How are leading companies addressing employee mental health? What programs and initiatives did they have in place before these difficult times and how are they adapting them now? What does supporting mental health at work look like in the context of COVID-19, the national conversation about racism, and the shifting between working from home and returning to physical offices? Will this unprecedented year reduce the stigma at work and normalize what it looks like to struggle with mental health?

Learn how to support mental health at work right now and be inspired by the personal stories that have shaped some of our panelists.

Panel: Kelly Greenwood, Mind Share Partners; Guru Gowrappan, Verizon Media; Deborah Olson, Genentech; Ruth White, Univ of Southern California; Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review, Moderator

Tuesday, 06/23/20


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