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Digital Transformation, AI and Virtual Workforce - Livestream

COVID-19 has forced corporations globally to implement remote work and spurred a race to implement AI automation. Now that countries are slowly reopening, however, digital transformation is going to accelerate further, as organizations as well as employees recognize its many advantages.

In this unique panel event, we will bring together outstanding expert thought leaders from the US and Europe, to share their best practices on how to manage the virtual workforce into this new normal. We will discuss how organizations and employees can profit from higher work efficiency and less interpersonal conflict in virtual work environments, as well as from high cost and time efficiency for employees who don’t have to commute and organizations that don’t have to provide and maintain office space. How can organizations use the crisis to push their employees to become more familiar with technology and give themselves and their teams the opportunity to upskill and retrain? What is this future for jobs that have been the focus for automatization using AI as a Service applications? We have the ambition to share with you key insights to help you successfully manage digital transformation out of the crisis and to provoke your thoughts on how our collective, digitized future of work will look like.

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Friday, 06/19/20


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UC Berkeley

, CA