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Knowledge graph extraction from unstructured data and Semantic Role labeling - Livestream

Maintaining regulatory compliance is challenging for a range of businesses due to the volume of regulations and the rapid rate of change. Given the sheer volume, it is difficult for an enterprise to maintain a clear picture of the state of regulations that govern them, or to stay abreast of the changes.

In contrast to expert analysis or the development of domain-specific ontology and taxonomies, this talk will discuss how a task-based approach for fulfilling specific information needs within a new domain can be helpful.

This presentation will discuss various techniques for knowledge graph extraction and completion, domain-specific schema creation, custom bi-LSTM-CRF model for entity extractors and attention-based deep Semantic Role Labeling. We will walk through each of these algorithms in detail and their need for a specific use case.

Speaker: Vivek Khetan, Accenture Labs

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Monday, 07/27/20


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