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After Dark Online: Racism in Science - Livestream

Science isn’t neutral. Science  is carried out by people, and can be shaped by their beliefs, social values, blind spots, and biases - and while it can reveal the impacts of racism, science is also historically and currently embedded with racist and inequitable practices. As concerns such as racialized bioethics and data privacy continue to emerge in tandem with scientific progress, we take a point of inflection and examine where racism has been built into the sciences and how the scientific process can perpetuate racist points of view.

This program features: 

Dr. Duana Fullwiley, an anthropologist of science and medicine studying how social identity, health outcomes, and molecular genetics increasingly intersect.

Udodiri R. Okwandu is a doctoral student in the history of science at Harvard University whose current research considers the medicalization and racialization of Civil Rights protests in the 1960s, in the context of the rise of law-and-order political ideology. She will share her talk Violence and the (Black) Brain: Medicalizing Civil Rights Protest 1960-1975.

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Thursday, 07/02/20


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