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Wi-Fi for Billions - Livestream

It’s not every day that someone gives away $100,000, but that’s what Andrea Goldsmith did when she became the first woman to win the Marconi Prize, the top honor in information and communications research. The Stanford engineering professor’s work has enabled billions of people around the world to enjoy fast, reliable cell phone and WiFi networks, as well as applications for video streaming and autonomous vehicles that require stable network performance. But Goldsmith wants to spread the benefits of technology even further by making engineering more inclusive and diverse. Her prize money went to start an endowment to do just that.

Join us for an innovative event format as Goldsmith fields questions from three different moderators: a high school student, a young professional, and a peer. They’ll explore her pioneering technology research, her journey as a serial entrepreneur, her commitment to educating the next generation of engineers, and her passion for ensuring that diverse people will be full participants in building tomorrow’s technologies.

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Wednesday, 08/19/20


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Computer History Museum

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