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Simons Institute Theoretically Speaking - The Mathematical Essence of Aging - Livestream

Large-scale medical data are so complex that guiding principles are needed to understand them. In this talk, Uri Alon will describe a research project that develops mathematical models of physiological systems geared towards simplicity and understandability by using a small number of key well-studied variables, and then tests specific predictions using a unique nationwide medical-record database with 50 million life years.

His presentation will focus on two examples: (1) How this approach reveals widespread seasonality in human hormones, with a peak season for growth, reproduction and stress-adaptation in late winter. (2) How we can understand core processes of aging using a stochastic equation for damage accumulation. This explains the incidence of a wide range of age-related diseases, and provides novel mechanisms for several diseases of unknown origin. The approach points towards how to design optimal treatments for aging, starting at old age, that can reduce the frequency of a multitude of age-related diseases by addressing their core underlying process.

Speaker: Uri Alon, Weizmann Institute of Science

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Thursday, 07/30/20


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