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MISSION: MARS - Things You Need to Know to Become a Future Mars Explorer - Livestream

miss marsThe first human mission to Mars will be humanity’s greatest adventure in space exploration in the 21st century. As with all expeditions, its success will depend on planning, which includes having well-trained explorers. Following his award-winning book Mission: Mars published by Scholastic, Dr Lee will take kids of all ages through six key phases of early training to become Future Mars Explorers:

1) Discover Mars, to learn more about the planet you’ll explore.

2) Prepare for Launch, to plan for the trip and the extra training you’ll undergo.

3) Navigate Space, to prep you for the long flight through deep space to Mars and back.

>4) Gear Up for Survival, to train you to survive and explore once you arrive on Mars;

5) Explore the Red Planet, to show you the coolest places to check out on Mars;

6) Plan a New World, to glimpse what Mars might look like in the future.

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Wednesday, 08/05/20


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Chabot Space and Science Center

, CA