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Collaborative marine monitoring and coastal habitat restoration within an indigenous co-management context in Gwaii Haanas, Canada - Livestream

Dynamic, complex and interwoven marine systems on Haida Gwaii evolve with changing ecological and social-cultural conditions. Today, the Haida Nation and Canada cooperatively manage Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. To remain sustainable and maximize value, our tiered marine monitoring program collaborates with management partners, other government institutions, non-government organizations and academia, and is linked with monitoring programs for Haida Gwaii, BC, and other national Parks. Through Chiixuu tll iinasdll Nurturing Seafood to Grow, we collaborate with fishing industry and academia to restore kelp forests diminished by sea otter extirpation, and understand ecological implications of kelp forest recovery. Kelp forests today are also challenged by warming oceans linked to lower kelp productivity, sea star wasting disease, and urchin-grazing. At this time of rapid environmental change, tightly-coupled interconnections at multiple scales in marine social-ecological systems calls for adaptive and collaborative programs that span knowledge systems to inform conservation actions.

Speaker: Lynn Lee, Marine Ecologist, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

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Wednesday, 10/28/20


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