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Stanford Energy Seminar: Ali Zaidi - Livestream

Ali Zaidi

In 2019, New York passed a groundbreaking climate law, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. The climate law codified Governor Cuomo’s climate vision, committing New York to among the most ambitious climate objectives in the world, including 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2040 and an 85 percent reduction in GHG emissions (net zero) by 2050. The climate law also sets a legally binding requirement for New York to deliver at least 35 percent of all benefits from new climate investments to disadvantaged communities.

Ali Zaidi, Deputy Secretary to Governor Cuomo for Energy and Environment and New York’s Chairman of Climate Policy and Finance, will discuss New York’s plan to implement this ambitious climate agenda, especially in the context of COVID-19 and economic head winds. Zaidi will share how New York is catalyzing pollution reduction across all sectors of the economy, while elevating climate justice and climate jobs. Zaidi will also highlight the implications of New York’s implementation path for other jurisdictions at the state and national level

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Monday, 10/12/20


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