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Finding Life on Other Worlds

Robert Naeye

Are we alone or do we share our solar system and galaxy with other forms of life? And how widespread are advanced civilizations with whom we could communicate? Right now we don’t have answers to these profound questions. But scientists are in hot pursuit. The technology of searching for life on other worlds has received a level of maturity where the first definitive evidence of extraterrestrial life could come in the very near future.

Bob will explore three different roads for detecting life beyond Earth:

  1. Launching robotic spacecraft to discover life on Mars or other worlds in our solar system
  2. Deploying large telescopes to detect the chemical signatures of life in the atmospheres of planets orbiting other stars
  3. Using various techniques to pick up signals from advanced civilizations or to find evidence of their technological activities

This talk will be loosely based on Bob’s cover story he wrote for the September 2020 issue of  Sky & Telescope magazine and an accompanying web article about what kinds of planets might be the hosts for life.

Speaker: Robert Naeye, Science Journalist

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Wednesday, 10/21/20


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