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SETI Talks: Who is the SETI Institute? - Livestream

You’ve heard about us. Maybe you’ve noticed we were mentioned in a blockbuster Hollywood movie or in a sitcom on TV. Perhaps you used to run SETI @ home on your computer back in the day (for the record, we’d love to take credit, but that wasn’t us). If someone asked, what would you say about us?

Did you know for instance, that one of our scientists has discovered more moons than Galileo and that another is studying communication in humpback whales to see what we can learn about communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations? Or that we developed space science badges for Girl Scouts?

The research and exploration we do at the SETI Institute taps into humanity’s curiosity, which leads to discovery, innovation, insight and invention. Our work informs research that impacts us right here on Earth: climate change, planetary defense, cancer research and communications. Our education and outreach programs stimulate the curiosity of young people who will lead us through this millennium and into space.

We invite you to join SETI Institute President and CEO Bill Diamond in a wide-ranging conversation with four leaders here at the SETI Institute about the ways we are exploring the universe, learning about life and intelligence, sharing what we discover and inspiring future generations.

Panel: Nathalie Cabrol, Car Sagan Center for Research; Simon Steel, Education and STEM Programs Director; Pamela Harmon, Director of Education; Andrew Siemion, Astrophysicist

Tuesday, 10/06/20


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