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Uncovering the Secret Lives of Antarctic Minke Whales - Livestream

Inhabiting remote, ice-covered areas typically inaccessible to researchers, Antarctic minke whales are one of the most poorly-studied baleen whales, despite being the most abundant. As climate-driven changes rapidly occur around the Antarctic, understanding the lives and habits of minke whales - and how climate-driven changes manifest in them - has become critical. With the advent of unoccupied aerial systems (UAS) and video-recording tags, in conjunction with traditional oceanographic sampling mechanisms, researchers now have the tools necessary to study these cryptic whales. Over the past three years, Ari Friedlaender has led several expeditions to study these whales and uncover mysteries about how these animals feed, interact with one another, and use sea ice.

Join Ari for an intimate look into the lives of these enigmatic whales both from above the ocean’s surface and below the sea ice.

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Sunday, 10/18/20


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Seymour Science Center

, CA