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Diesel Free by '33 - Postponed

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District's (BAAQMD) "Diesel Free by ’33" campaign calls on Bay Area governments and businesses to commit to the elimination of diesel use by 2033. The campaign envisions a healthier, cleaner and less polluted future, but is this easier said than done? What can the Bay Area learn from similar commitments made in other countries around the world? Join us for a conversation with the air district, environmental advocates and clean energy entrepreneurs to learn how the campaign is going, what hurdles still exist and what it will take for our region to become diesel-free in this timeframe.

  • Monte DiPalma / Bay Area Air Quality Management District
  • Eddie Ahn / Brightline Defense
  • Jessie Denver / East Bay Community Energy
  • Margaret Gordon / West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

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Tuesday, 10/20/20


Website: Click to Visit


$10 General, Free for Members

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